2D/3D visualization in logistics

2D/3D visualization in logistics

2D respectively 3D visualization is the basis for planning future work, land, warehouse logistics. It takes into account not only the surface but also the spatial constraints, which could have a major impact on the future arrangement of the components in the workplace.


Procedure for 2D and 3D visualization:

  1. Measured necessary dimensions and distances to the place of the workplace.
  2. Identification of technical and spatial constraints.
  3. Processing of 2D layout.
  4. Creating a 3D model.


Tools used in the visualization of work:

AutoCad, FactoryCad






Description of project conditions:

The existing distribution warehouse is to be created for the preparation of empty packaging assembly line. It should also be part of this zone and stop for a milkrun area for landing a full package of assembly lines.


Project objective:

2D and 3D visualization of the future commission zone.



Project benefits:

Customer has previously overview of how the new project incorporated into the existing conditions in the distribution warehouse.