Analysis, planning and optimization of storage technology

Analysis, planning and optimization of storage technology

Currently, logistics centers and manufacturing companies are increasingly faced with the following challenges:

  • inefficient transport,

  • inefficient commission,

  • insufficient area

  • poor streets,

  • and many other problems.


These are aspects that force to reflect on the current state of logistics and its optimization. Suppliers techniques today are developing new innovative solutions that can adapt to customer's needs and specific process inside the hall and between the hall logistics, eg .:

  • unloading material

  • and out of storage material

  • arranges the material

  • loading material.









Description of project conditions:

Stock feed material is divided into 3 adjacent buildings. Pallets in the feed materials shall be stored on the floor (in stacks) in blocks. Along each hall is 3.6 m wide aisle handling. The stock is handled counterbalanced forklift trucks.


Project objective:

Optimizing storage technology.



Project benefits:

  • narrower streets,

  • increase the number of pallet spaces,

  • modernization of outdated technology.