Application / Use



Demo3D provides a user-friendly and interactive virtual reality environment for the animation of production and logistics facilities. Thereby all movements and material flows. Assignment of the physical properties, such as gravity, friction, inertia, etc. allows fair presentation properties. In addition, the user can decide himself whether he wants the device to view technical details, such as sensors and displays, or to move in a more abstract level.




Modeling supports the following elements in particular:

  • belt conveyor (intermittent and continuous movement)

  • storage technology (automatic forklift racks, hand store)

  • screens (inclined screens)

  • trucks (forklifts, unattended transport systems)

  • production equipment (robots, milling machines, lathes)

  • machine operators (cultivation, transportation, picking)


Structure / Modules

Creating animation model is performed using predefined elements, so-called catalogs. Animated device can move, stop, and then put into motion. In addition, there may be constructors any video from different perspectives.


Users can have very different requirements Demo3D because there are 4 consecutive release:


Demo3D Presenter:

View and animation created models.

Demo3D Standard:

Creating a models using elements defined in the standard catalog.

Demo3D Professional:

Advanced modeling capabilities with additional and specific catalogs.

Demo3D Enterprise:

Modeling and creation of own catalogs, programming options special processes.


Integration / Interfaces

The standard edition is possible to export AutoMod simulation software. Professional and Enterprise Editions allow you to import 3D objects in DXF, 3DS, STL, OBJ. The resulting animation model can be exported in DXF format. 


Manufacturers / Relations

It is manufactured by the company Demo3D from the UK. SimPlan is the official distributor for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Furthermore, the software can be agreed and appropriate support and simulation services. Your partners are Jorg Kemper and Steffen Hertling.