Application / Use

Simul8 is cost effective and easy to use simulation software that will help answer the various questions relating, for example. financial and production processes, information flows, logistics systems and supply chains. Simul8 is well used in all sectors of the automotive industry through food industry, banking, public administration to healthcare.


Features visual simulation package

Simulations can be in the form Simul8 using five basic elements. These symbols can be encapsulated (as in the known products of the Microsoft Office) and may be used with the desired properties, such as processing time, size of this buffer storage tank etc.

Visual Simul8 logic is based on events oriented structured language in which the Non-programmers can program and by stepping directions. According to him, can compile an accurate simulation model.


Ease of use is ensured through:

  • „Drag and Drop“ technology,

  • object-orientation,

  • appropriate visualization and animation,

  • performance and flexibility,

  • easy to finding the best solutions,

  • seamless integration into the existing system environment.


Integration / Interface

Simul8 standard can exchange data with the following products:

  • MS Excel, MS Access

  • Oracle and Sybase databases

  • Family ARIS tools

  • Microsoft Visio

  • iGrafx Flowcharter

  • AutoMod

  • Factory CAD


Possible interfaces:

Active X - COM interface - DDE - ODBC, SQL, - XML