Application / Use

Witness the standard interactive simulation software is often used for planning and optimization of production, logistics and services. Is used in universities and also provides a broad application in practice. Witness is mostly used for:

  • implementation of modern management methods,

  • optimizing capital investment,

  • capacity planning,

  • identifying bottlenecks in production,

  • optimizing batches,

  • authentication production processes,

  • deployment of production units,

  • reduction of work in progress,

  • quality monitoring,

  • process optimization and logistics services.


Statistics / Reports

The user has available a range of pre-defined statistics, graphical and tabular reports. Reports can be exported in various data formats or in the form of HTML. Modules Scenario Manager and Presentation Manager extends the core program by other means of descriptive analysis and graphical presentation of simulation results.


Structure / Modules

Witness contains Scenario Manager module for design of experiments module Presentation Manager - the presentation of key indicators of process performance indicators; Optimizer module - to quickly find the optimal solution; Virtual Reality module - for 3D graphics imaging elements monitored systems established in various CAD and VR applications; module Documentor - organized documentation for creating simulation models.


Integration / Interface

Witness offers full integration with other applications (MS Excel, MS Access, DCOM, ODBC, CAD applications, C-API. Allows you to import and export data in different data formats. The simulation results can be processed tools for Busineess Process Management / Business Intelligence.


Manufacturer / Relations

Witness developed by British company Lanner Group. To learn more about the program Witness, or need assistance in selecting a suitable simulation tool for your business or project?

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