IT products of INNOV8 Co.

IT products of INNOV8


   1. ITC application (Innov8 Time Calculator - ITC) – a product of INNOV8 Co.:


Innov8 Time Calculator (ITC) is an outcome of a long-term multi-year project in automotive industry, particularly in the areas of standardisation and optimisation of the complex logistic and production processes. The application performs time analyses. Its first step is the design of standardisation processes. All processes providing a direct picture of the time requirements for individual production steps, staff performances and also insight and optimisation analyses are measurable.

Standardisation begins by mapping the current state of the processes implementation, its feasibility and development of generally valid standards for all partial operations. The operations are then used to execute time analyses of more complex processes that are performed at the workplace both regularly and irregularly.

The developed time analyses are subject to archiving, which allows to re-use the given processes or modify the processes and workflows. The archived data is further used to: modify the main indicators of the staff capacity utilisation, optimise labour productivity and generate automated report for senior management.

Employees dispose a tool for process description and determination of the standard number of personnel needed, which is continuously monitored and compared to the etalon; the differences are then evaluated in a form of automated reporting for management. The system compares and evaluates productivity of individual employees and teams as well as work changes, while creating sound competitive environment leading towards sound labour productivity within product assembly, components manufacturing as well as throughout the chain of logistic processes.

The application helps industrial engineering define the number of staff needed and process the transport, packing, assembly and other workflows. The resulting optimisation of all the production and non-production processes in the enterprise increases production efficiency and reduces the time, personnel and financial load on your business. The application is editable and open to input data from the external environment of your currently used databases (e.g. MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, SAP, etc.).


   2. ERGOVIA software application


The Ergonomic Grip Tool (ERGOgloves) was developed to measure the forces exerted by upper extremities. The device consists of the calibrated encapsulated sensors, the gloves fitted with a sensor grip, a communication unit and a tablet with evaluation software. Sensor positioning and number of sensors can be easily modified and flexibly adjusted to the requirements of the current practice. The measured data is transmitted wirelessly to the software application on a tablet. The software application graphically displays the momentum of the measured forces, providing the export of .xls data for archiving and further utilisation in the complex ergonomic analysis of workplaces. See more on .