More IT services

More IT services

The Industry Engineering (IE) support, controlling, purchasing and middle management support in developing the process calculators for the time requirements determination, such as:


1. Process analysis using a predefined time methodology;

2. Design of tabular application;

3. Implementation of tabular application and process calculator in MS-Excel environment;

4. Alpha, Beta and Gamma testing of the calculator in "semi-operational" conditions of production and logistics;

5. Commissioning, continuous customisation of the calculation and reporting functions during in-service use and final logic modifications;

6. Definition of technology, architecture of the components’ structure and their mutual communication;

7. Definition of parameters/attributes of individual calculation components, input-output templates, links and relations, backup, data archiving, user hierarchy definition and licensing;

8. Application programming;

9. Alpha, Beta and Gamma testing of software application under post-operational conditions;

10. User’s work simulation, debugging and commissioning.