Standardization of processes in logistics

Standardization of processes in logistics

Standardization is one of the cornerstones of lean enterprise. It may not be restricted solely to standardize production. Logistics is an equally important area in which the creation of universally valid rules (standards) the same role as in production:

  • stabilization process,

  • increase productivity.


The logistics can be standardized two types of processes:

  • transport - loading, unloading, driving, stacking, put-away, destocking, and other processes implemented forklifts, trucks, pallet trucks, cranes, ...
  • handling - opening / closing packaging, repackaging, broadcast, information processing, ...



Procedure for standardization processes in logistics:

  1. Selection of logistics (receipt, the commission shall issue, ...).

  2. Analysis of the current state of implementation and the process conditions in selected areas of logistics.
  3. The design and implementation of rationalization measures.

  4. Develop a standard for the selected area.


Methods used in the standardization processes in logistics: