Standardization of processes in production

Standardization of processes in production

Standardization is one of the cornerstones of lean production. It is a mapping of the current status of the process, its conditions and the creation of universally valid rules (standards) for the process owner. The newly created standard is becoming the basic document for future analysis and also means continuous improvement in the workplace. The aim of standardization is:


  • stabilization of the workflow,

  • increasing  workplace productivity,

  • increase the quality of the final product in the workplace.


Procedure for standardization processes in production:

  • selection of workplace,

  • analysis of the current state of realization and conditions of the process in the workplace,

  • draft and implementation of rationalization measures,

  • creation of working standard.


Methods used in the standardization:

Visualization, 5S, Poka-yoke, SMED, MTM,...