MTM-EAWS Analysis of ergonomic risk

MTM-EAWS Analysis of ergonomic risk

Analysis of ergonomic risk  is a quick ergonomic screening, i.e. mapping of risk positions human body during the implementation process on the test workplace. It can be used  in the planning stages as well as in the exploitation phase of work. A good basis for the elaboration of ergonomic analysis is the MTM analysis, from which it is possible to draw the necessary time data. Assesses the four basic levels:

  • posture,
  • the action powers,
  • manual handling with loads,
  • load the upper limbs.



The result of the analysis is recorded in "traffic light assessment“, in which:

  • green area represents the low ergonomic risk and it is not necessary to take strong measures,
  • yellow area represents the potential risk and the need to consider corrective measures,
  • red area represents a high risk and it is necessary to adopt corrective measures to reduce risk.



The procedure for the analysis of ergonomic risks:


  1. monitoring / video man at the workplace,
  2. MTM analysis,
  3. analysis of ergonomic risks in the current state,
  4. proposal for corrective measures,
  5. analysis of ergonomic risk-sensitive corrective measures.



Methods used in analyzing ergonomic risk: