Application / Benefits

User-friendly, detailed 3D-animation, efficient simulation and numerous analysis options are the keywords of AutoMod.


The basic system with a variety of possible core varied deployment options. These range from modeling manufacturing processes, simulation warehouses supplier - customer relationships to online bond / emulation. Strength program AutoMod is not only in performance but also in the increasingly important visualization to virtual reality. This allows you to improve communication between management, production and crew. Creating simulation models is carried out interactively with graphical support. Comprehensive management and processes can be mapped using a simple simulation programming language.


Structure / Modules

In order to use the software for different applications, the modular design. The basic system includes a processing system, Simulator, DTrace, ACE, IGES and the ability to import SDX. As the expanding building blocks have the following modules:

  • AS / RS (storehouses)

  • Conveyor (conveyor)

  • Kinematics (robots)

  • Pathmover (truck)

  • Bridge Crane (bridge cranes)

  • Power and Free (aerial mounted cranes)

  • Tanks and Pipes (liquids, etc.)

  • Autotruck (Vehicles)


Extension programs:

  • AutoView (animated films)

  • AUTOSTACH (experiments, statistics)

  • Model Communications (data exchange)

  • Tools (simulator speed)



ActiveX, Sockets (TCP / IP), OLE


Manufacturer / References

Producers AutoMod is Applied Materials, Inc. (originally Brooks Software).