Plant Simulation

Plant Simulation

Application / Use


Plant Simulation (formerly eM-Plant, Simple ++) is a standard software for the simulation of highly complex production systems and control strategies. The tool is object-oriented, graphic and integrated modeling, simulation and animation of systems and business processes. It is an important part of a fundamental tool for the Digital Factory in the software portfolio of Siemens PLM.


Typical questions

  • How to minimize investment costs?

  • To achieve the required performance?

  • What happens when you change the production plan?

  • How can we reduce inventory?

  • What is the best control strategy?

  • How to meet the priority order?

  • What is the best planned alternative?

  • and many more.


Statistical Analysis

Plant Simulation provides various statistics for model parameters: interval statistics, overall statistics and momentary statistics.

Comprehensive analysis tools such as. automatic analysis of bottlenecks, Sankey diagram, Gantt chart (planning board).


Structure / Modules

The free to assemble library objects are neatly stored with all the basic building structures Plant Simulation. Each user may make graphically and interactively assemble itself with individual objects. These include:

  • Integrated neuronal networks

  • Factor analysis

  • Control experiments

  • Automatic optimization of system parameters

  • Sequencing


Integration / Interfaces

Interfaces open Plant Simulation possibilities for integration with other applications. Data exchange is important not only at the beginning and at the end but also during the simulation. Plant Simulation can be manipulated and controlled by other programs (ARIS, ActiveX, C DDE, Mailbox, ODBC (eg. MS Access), Socket SQL (eg. Oracle, MS SQL Server).