Application / Benefits

Detailed production planning

In industry for example production lemonade down at weekly meetings schedules, production and distribution based on the current state of stocks according to the species. Scheduler then manually detailed plans using MS Excel. Thus generated production plans are then passed to the paper production.


The disadvantage of this method of planning is high time consumption that comes from working with various non-integrated systems (inventories, orders, forecasting, production restrictions, etc.) and generate manually drawn plans. Moreover, it is questionable whether such constructors plans fulfill the complex and often contradictory indicators (high capacity utilization, low stocks, short delivery time and high reliability of supply).


Using the APS system SimScheduler for detailed planning warehouse can eliminate these weaknesses. SimScheduler automatically creates links implementation plan based on current inventory, orders, forecasts, minimum inventory and minimum benefits production orders with respect to production constraints. The system automatically improves the planning system by optimization components. Continuously evaluate possible performance indicators, such as delay, production times, cycle times and course reserves. Of course, if circumstances so require, by SimScheduler can plan designed to correct manually.


The benefits for you:

  • time savings in planning and setting the volume filling lines,

  • integration of external data as a basis for planning,

  • higher utilization of production facilities through simple and transparent planning,

  • automatic creation of a compliance plan lines plan based on modern optimization methods,

  • reduce response times in the event of replanning,

  • continuous reduction of minimum reserves (committed capital).