Planning / design of new processes in manufacturing

Planning / design of new processes in manufacturing

The existence of strong competition in the domestic and international levels is forcing companies increasingly focusing their attention on the planning of production processes. Like the motto "double look before you shear" is planning becomes an important factor in ensuring the future of the company. Each 1 € and the time devoted to detailed planning significantly reduce costs in the implementation phase as it minimizes the differences between the proposal and the reality.


General procedure for planning the production process:

  1. Identification of targets.

  2. The development of alternatives.

  3. Evaluation of solution options.

  4. The choice of the optimal alternative.

  5. Developing implementation Schedule.

  6. Control plan.

  7. Optimization activities.


In the manufacturing processes, our company focuses on the planning:

  1. Workplaces
  2. Assembly lines
  3. Personnel
  4. Layout's


The methods used in the measurement of labor can be distinguished in the following two groups:

  1. STATIC METHOD - the method is mainly predetermined times (MTM), which may be non-existent nanormovať / planned processes. The next step is usually the creation of the planning tool in MS Excel, which integrates partial process times and provides information on the consumption of time, personnel and overall workload.
  2. DYNAMIC METHOD - currently the progressive direction in planning, where the use of computer technology and simulation software (Plant Simulation). The newly created concept provides the user with all the information and statistics about the process. Visualization often point out the problems that arise when programming model and thus enables the immediate propose optimization measures.






Description of project conditions:

The company will in the coming weeks to implement in existing production a new assembly line, thereby expanding its portfolio with a new product. The precise localization within the production hall as well as the labor input, set the material flow, the method of supply and workplace layout are not known, and the company has the capacity to detailed scheduling process. On this basis, decide to cooperate with external company INNOV8 Ltd.


Project objective:

Draft layout of the workplace, localization department within the existing layout of the hall, nanormovanie planned processes, simulation proof of concept.



Project benefits:

  1. Detailed planning of new production.

  2. Simulation verify the proposed concept.

  3. Identification of potential bottlenecks.